We need a photo where your pet's paw pads are visible. Our artists can work with any photo of your pet's paw (straight from your phone), photos of clay imprints, or photos of ink imprints.

Yes, absolutely!

Yes, absolutely! We can do dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, lizards, parrots, horses etc. If you are unsure simply contact us via Live Chat or send us an email at info@custompawjewelry.com

Just make sure that all 5 paw pads are visible. Our professional artists will take care of the rest.

Yes, you can just send the photo to our email info@custompawjewelry.com. Please include your order number that starts with #.

Yes, just contact us via Live Chat or send us an email about your requested size and we will get back to you :)

We can engrave on both sides of the necklace's and bracelet's pendant, be sure to order the double-sided option in this case!. Unfortunately, ring can only be engraved from one side.

You can add pendants to your necklace, just go to product "Extra Pendants For Custom Paw Necklace" and add to cart up to 3 extra pendants. Unfortunately, bracelets can only have one pendant.


Our jewelry is handmade and the crafting process takes 10-12 working days. After that the standard delivery takes usually 7-14 working days and DHL Express 5-7 working days.

All our jewelry is handmade on demand and takes 10-12 working days to be crafted. Please keep in mind that this time frame includes receiving your order, editing your provided photos, making the jewelry piece, electroplating process, engraving, coloring the engraving and packaging your order.

Your order can be found from the "Track your order" page once it has been shipped. Our jewelry takes 10-12 working days to be crafted after which it will be shipped. Once your order has been handed over to our shipping company then you will receive a notification with your personal tracking code.

We offer free standard delivery on all orders (7-14 working days after your order has been crafted).

DHL Express is currently 22.99 USD and takes 5-7 working days to arrive after dispatch.

If your order gets lost or damaged during transit then we will cover all the expenses.

Jewelry FAQ

Here are just a few tips:

Remove your jewelry before you swim in chlorine or salt water.
Remove your jewelry before participating in activities that will cause you to sweat a lot.
Wait to put on your jewelry until after you have applied lotion, makeup or perfume.
Remove jewelry if you will be bringing it into contact with something hard. (For example, take off your ring before lifting weights.)
Store your vermeil jewelry where it won’t rub against other hard substances (a soft bag—one per piece of jewelry—is ideal).

Wipe your gold vermeil jewelry after each use, using a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. You may also soak it for a few minutes in warm, soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth as needed (or a soft toothbrush to clean small cracks and crevices).

Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) or electroplating is heavy gold plating (2.5 microns by US standards) over 925 Sterling Silver. It does not tarnish and is hypoallergenic, so people with metal allergies can wear it safely. Since the gold plating in vermeil is much heavier than gold plated jewelry, the gold lasts much longer and will not rub off (although over time, some gold may wear off if not taken care properly and exposed to water, sweat or perfume often times).

All size guides can be found from the product page and under FAQ if you expand the selection.