The Story of Custom Paw Jewelry

What is Custom Paw Jewelry

The Idea

The idea to start Custom Paw Jewelry came once we took our first pet, a Dalmatian boy named Lucky. During the time me and my husband were both working full time and unfortunately had to leave Lucky home most of the days.

An idea grew inside me, thinking about Lucky and I started to imagine ways to have him with me wherever I go.
One day on a walk I saw Lucky's paw prints on the pavement and that's when I thought what if I could create a charm with his unique paw print and have it as an Forever Memory of him.
Once the charm came back from the jeweler it was the most beautiful and special thing I had ever owned.

Our dalmatian boy Lucky, first Custom Paw Jewelry product samples with my parents dog's and Lucky's paw print the very first paw prints we engraved.

Our Mission

Since the beginning of Custom Paw Jewelry in 2019 we have created over 20,000 pieces for our customers. We never knew this would grow so fast and I couldn't be happier. Below you can read the 2 main goals that we are trying to do our part.

Pet Loss.

Losing your pet is one of the toughest events to go through and no matter what we do, we cannot avoid it. Our mission is to create a Forever Memory, a way to remember them after they are gone. A unique piece that you can carry with you everywhere you go so that they could always have a spot in our memories.

Separation anxiety goes both ways.

Too often pets are left home alone for too long due to our busy lives. We hope that this beautiful memory of your pet will also remind you of them while they are constantly waiting for you to return home so you can get back to them faster. Don't forget that you are their whole life ❤️

Thank you all for being with us,

Your sincerely,
Custom Paw Jewelry

"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day."